Pitbulls and People

Where I am from there are many areas where owning a pitbull is illeagal. I have a blue pibull named Grayson and he’s such a sweetheart. Pibulls have something called lockjaw. Which means when the bite down the can’t open there mouth again until they bite down all the way. Sadly, people take advatage of that in a cruel way. They will raise them as fighters starve them. Then have them fight to the to the death over food. So if a pitbull bites down and they can’t bite through they shake there head, beacause it’s extremely uncomfortable. So the first breed to be put down in a shelter is a pitbull. These animals suffer because people are insensitive.


Adopted and Confused

I somtimes feel like I am the only adoptee in the world. I was adopted at age seven and I’ve exchanged letters, but I’m am now of age to contact through phone or even see them. I don’t hold anything against them, I was sad to find out that my birthfather might not wanna talk to me. I think he’s afraid that I’m angry with him. I know my birthmom wants to see me the agency has recived updated information periodically. The only big question mark is her mental state. I once sent her a letter expressing my love for animals. A few month later I found out she sent me a pair of parakeets. Since everything is sent throgh the agency they were intercepted. It’s becomeing so real to me. I know about 2% of the U.S is adopted, but the majority of thease adoptees are adopted by steparents or family members. I have a sister and two brothers all are adopted and none of us are blood related. I Kinda wish I could have some people to relate to or give me advice.

3rd degree?

You know how people joke about when a girl brings a guy home for the first date he gets “the third degree?” Well My soon to be mother inlaw gives me the “3rd degree” everytime I do something. Keep in mind I temporarly live with my signigicant other.
for example Jake and I are hungry so I start to make something It would go like this when she walks in the kitchen.
Mother in-law: What are you makeing

Me: Food

Mother in-law: why?

Me: Because Jake and I are hungry.

Mother in-law: What is it?

Me: It doesn’t have a name, my mom used to make it.

Mother in-law: oh looks intresting.

Me: Do you want some?

Mother in-law: no.

five minutes later Jake and a sit down to eat.

Mother in-law: What did you make?

Me (what i’m thinking): #@!%*$

I will then re-explain


It seems like people make life harder with technicalitys. If you really think about it, it’s not the concept people fight about, it’s the technicalitys. Such as religon and politics. As far as far as common issus with a “gray area” Theres nothing to agrue. It becomes a personal prefrance. It’s annoying for people to force their veiws on someone else. I can speak for most people when I’d rather have a veiw or an opinion presented to me, then to be told I’m wrong.