3rd degree?

You know how people joke about when a girl brings a guy home for the first date he gets “the third degree?” Well My soon to be mother inlaw gives me the “3rd degree” everytime I do something. Keep in mind I temporarly live with my signigicant other.
for example Jake and I are hungry so I start to make something It would go like this when she walks in the kitchen.
Mother in-law: What are you makeing

Me: Food

Mother in-law: why?

Me: Because Jake and I are hungry.

Mother in-law: What is it?

Me: It doesn’t have a name, my mom used to make it.

Mother in-law: oh looks intresting.

Me: Do you want some?

Mother in-law: no.

five minutes later Jake and a sit down to eat.

Mother in-law: What did you make?

Me (what i’m thinking): #@!%*$

I will then re-explain


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