Adopted and Confused

I somtimes feel like I am the only adoptee in the world. I was adopted at age seven and I’ve exchanged letters, but I’m am now of age to contact through phone or even see them. I don’t hold anything against them, I was sad to find out that my birthfather might not wanna talk to me. I think he’s afraid that I’m angry with him. I know my birthmom wants to see me the agency has recived updated information periodically. The only big question mark is her mental state. I once sent her a letter expressing my love for animals. A few month later I found out she sent me a pair of parakeets. Since everything is sent throgh the agency they were intercepted. It’s becomeing so real to me. I know about 2% of the U.S is adopted, but the majority of thease adoptees are adopted by steparents or family members. I have a sister and two brothers all are adopted and none of us are blood related. I Kinda wish I could have some people to relate to or give me advice.


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